• Parfums & Couleurs de Tunisie

    A great tour of Tunisia, to discover its cultural wealth, its most impressive
    archaeological sites and its breathtaking landscapes!

    A journey from North to South, with 02 Days /01 Night walk/ Camel Ride in the desert included

  • Sahara Express

    Immersion dans le sud tunisien ! Actif & très original, ce programme vous permettra de rencontrer la Tunisie Authentique. Entre villages berbères typiques et dépressions salées, vous découvrirez un cocktail d’oasis vertes, de chotts, et de dunes de sable à perte de vue… 02 Nuits hors du temps, dans le magnifique bivouac du désert MARS inclus

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    Tailor-made trip in Tunis.

  • The Steps of Silence…

    Camel Safaris, allow you to discover the big spaces and the silence of Sahara at the rhythm of your camel steps. They allow a return to the essential: Nothing useless, everything that allows life is transported on the caravan or found on the spot…. During these few days you will live a nomadic life, in perfect communion with nature, crossing each day new stages, and setting up each evening a new bivouac.                                            An adventure out of time !

  • Tunisia Archaeological Tour

    Tunisia is a country with an incomparable cultural richness. Many Tunisian sites are inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Various historical influences have left a strong mark on it. This Tour was designed to allow you to meet Tunisia’s ancient cities, where mosques rub shoulders with ancient temples! A country with 3.000 years of history, and endowed with vestiges whose beauty is breathtaking!

  • Tunisia From Carthage To Kairouan

    An original Tour to discover a different Tunisia, with its magnificent archaeological sites, its mysterious Medinas, its Berber villages , as well as the magnificent desert of the Grand Erg Oriental !

  • Weekend in Tunis

    A 4-day escape to discover the mysteries of Tunis medina, the splendor of Carthage, the treasures of the Bardo museum and the mythical village of Sidi Bou Said.

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