• BEST OF BOTH (East & West)

    The tour promises the best of both coasts starting from funfilled theme parks in the East to hustle of the busiest city to the relaxing falls, don’t forget to miss out the capital city. Further at the west coast the Google and Cisco city of SFO to the gambling city of Las Vegas. The tour concludes at the elite city of Los Angeles. The tour itinerary as follows.

  • Best Of East

    The best of eastern coast tour you’ll cover the best of the cities.This includes your arrival at the busiest city of world i.e.New York, The capital of US of A Washington DC, it is always sunny in Philadelphia and the world famous Niagra Falls inBuffalo.Enjoy your city tours in each city and of course the boat tour at niagra falls from US side which is also the place of your departure.


    This Tour a delight who are fond of driving. It comprises of long and short routes between the cities where one can find the nature’s beauty enroute. But not to worry if you do not have a self-driven car, we provide the utmost comfortable transportation for commutation. The southern coast is hub for flora and fauna enthusiasts. Even lifelong Texans can’t believe these rolling hills and greenery are in their own state. the tour covers the whole of the southern region and the itinerary is as follows.

  • Eastern Seaboard

    The tour comprises of the cities of east coast including the flipping side of New York i.e. New Jersey. The calm and composed city comprises of the major population working at New York and connected by the famous, one of the longest suspension Brooklyn bridge. Further tour includes the capitol city where the tourists can find the enormous structures of Abraham Lincoln and Albert Einstein. A soothing day at Niagara falls helps to relax the senses.

  • Expedition to West

    The tour starts with the Gambling city where you can spoil yourself with drinks, dance and enjoy the best of your time as it is rightly said What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Further proceed to the electronic city The giant, ancient sequoia trees at national park of Yosemite and the great canyon national park are truly wonders of the world.

  • Fantastic USA

    A week’s tour to west coast of the western world holds up your breath from electronic city to sin city till elite city. The giant, ancient sequoia trees at national park of Yosemite and the great canyon national park are truely wonders of the world. On arrival to the sin city you can actually feel like a brat. Show ‘em your naughty side and keep rollin’ the dices. The tour ends at the Hollywood city with beautiful entries for your scrap book.

  • Musical Root of The South

    This tour ensures that the tourists keeps on repeating their passion for travel. Starting from Dallas and moving on to Austin creates a vibrant atmosphere around the group. Houston and New Orleans provides a sense of adventure and cruise helps in relaxing. Of course the historic monuments are a delight to geographers. . The tour finishes at Atlanta the city of King Martin Luther Jr. The youngest man to receive Nobel peace prize.

  • Redesign Route US 66

    From Chicago in Illinois to Santa Monica in California the whole trip should take around two weeks (with rest stops). This route US 66 has become synonymous with adventure and history, and each stop along the way displays parts of both old and modern America. Kick start with windy city of the West where your mind will be blown away by the beautiful architecture and ends at the best beaches of Santa Monica (California)


    Tailor-made trip in USA.

  • Western Seaboard

    Enjoy the most beautiful route of western coast where the travel starts from the Cisco city and ends at Hollywood city. Adventure awaits at Scavenger hunt in San Jose, spoil yourself at the casinos in Las Vegas and the breath-taking experience of rides and fun filled day spent at Universal studio in LA is surely the cherry on the cake. Tour Itinerary is as follows.

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