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– Day 1 – Origin / Campo Grande – Bonito

Departure to Campo Grande. Airport reception and private transfer to Bonito. Arrival, reception and rest of the afternoon at leisure.

Distance Campo Grande – Bonito: 312 km. Departure deadline: 3:00 pm.

– Days 2 to 4 – Bonito

Included tours: Lago Azul Grotto, Canopy Tours, Mimosa Resort and Ecological Corner of Rio da Prata.

-Lago Azul Grotto and Canopy Tours in Cabanas – Tour carried out in the morning. The cave at Gruta do Lago Azul has a blue lake inside, with dimensions that make it one of the largest flooded cavities on the planet. Its geological formations – not only the ceiling but also the floor of the cave, are full of speleothems of various shapes and sizes – attract the attention of tourists and researchers from all over the world. Nobody knows for sure where its waters come from, it is believed in the existence of an underground river, which feeds the lake. Afterwards, Cabanas canopy tour. A 300m long course with height varying from 4m to 15m from the ground. In arvorismo there are 20 stations of gradual difficulty, with two ziplines, the last being an aquatic zipline on the Formoso river. Before the start of the tour, there will be a brief training to familiarize the visitor with the equipment and the route. Recommended for adults and children over 1.15m tall and over 6 years old. Average duration: 1h30.

– Estância Mimosa – After breakfast, departure to Estância Mimosa. Estância Mimosa is a 400-hectare farm that combines cattle raising – the most traditional economic activity in the region – with rural tourism and ecotourism, within the concepts of sustainable development. The itinerary starts at the house – the farm’s headquarters, where a snack with sweets and typical food of the region is served. Afterwards, we leave for a pleasant walk through the riparian forest of Rio Mimoso, passing by at least 8 waterfalls of different sizes and shapes. On this route, there are five great places for swimming in natural pools, as well as small caves and a 6-meter platform, from where  you can jump into a natural well. After the tour, a delicious lunch is served on the wood stove, with typical food and homemade sweets. The tour is 24km from Bonito and lasts 3 to 4 hours. Lunch included.

Difficulty Level: Medium – Long walk with stairs.

It is not recommended for people with walking difficulties.

– Ecological corner of Rio da Prata and Buraco das Araras – Departure early in the morning for a dip in the blue and transparent waters of the Olho D’ Água river until its end in the Rio da Prata. Walk along an interpretive trail in the impressive primary forest with its centuries-old perobas, Jatobás, aroeiras and others. At the end of the trail, the tranquil floatation begins inside an immense natural aquarium with  crystalline waters, extremely rich in animal and plant life. After the tour, a delicious typical lunch from Mato Grosso do Sul is served at the headquarters of the farm. The tour is 50km from Bonito. On the way back to Bonito we will visit Buraco das Araras, a huge crater made entirely of sandstone 120m deep, 500m in diameter. A place where several birds, mainly the Red Macaws, have adopted as their natural habitat.

Difficulty Level: Easy.

– Day 5 – Bonito – Pousada Aguapé

After breakfast, departure to Pantanal. Expected arrival at 1:00 pm, reception and lunch at the farm. general presentation from Pousada Aguapé. Free afternoon. Dinner and presentation of activities in the following days. Distance Bonito to Fazenda Aguapé: Approximately 280 km.

– Day 6 – Pousada Aguapé

Breakfast at the farm, in the morning, walking through the fields. After lunch, departure on horseback for a photographic safari. Return in the late afternoon. Pantanal dinner.

– Day 7 – Pousada Aguapé

After breakfast, departure on horseback to observe the fauna. The landscape of the region alternates fields, savannas and riparian forests, where purple ipe, aroeiras, timbaúvas and other trees stand out. Return for lunch. To end the day, fishing from the ravine in Aquidauana followed by the nocturnal spotting of alligators, hundreds of red eyes on the banks of the river shining in the light of the lanterns. Return to the farm and dinner.

– Day 8 – Pousada Aguapé – Campo Grande / Origin

At 08:00 am departure to Campo Grande airport (lunch not included). Distance from Fazenda Aguapé to Campo Grande: Approximately 200 km.

“The order of the tours will not necessarily be the one described in the day-to-day reception, that is, it may be changed at the discretion of the guide/local reception.”


Bonito and Pantanal – Daily Departures

Bonito is a paradise of crystalline waters with fauna and flora of impressive beauty. Get ready for unforgettable sights and sensations on tours such as floating on the Prata or Sucuri rivers, a visit to the Gruta do Lago Azul or the Buraco das Araras. And combining it with the neighboring Pantanal South makes this one of the best options for ecological routes in Brazil.

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