City rally in BudapestCity rally in Budapest

OPTION 1. – Guided bus panoramic tour in Budapest (max. 4 hours)

4-hour coach tour of the capital will take the guests to all must see monuments and sights of Budapest. 

The beautiful historical quarter of the capital that is located on a hill and is surrounded by an ancient wall. They take a walk on the streets of the district and see the Buda Castle, several monuments.
From the towers of Fisherman’s Bastion (outside visit) you can enjoy an excellent panoramic view of the sprawling city. The Hungarian Central Library, the Hungarian National Gallery and numerous other museums can be found in the Royal Palace (outside visit only).

An inside visit of the Matthias Church is situated in the neighborhood of the Fisherman’s Bastion which gives home to pipe-organ and classical music concerts every day. 

Visit on the Heroes’ Square; it is the largest square in honor of the capital, where stands the Millennium Monument. The Museum of Fine Arts is located on the same square as well.
Walking tour of the place and its museums (outside) then you will discover the Vajdahunyad Castle. This complex is designed to illustrate the different architectural styles on the territory of historic Hungary; it also includes the reconstruction of several buildings (castle, chapel, palace…). The magnificent building of the Opera House was designed by Miklós Ybl to commemorate the Hungarian millennium celebrations, and was completed 1884.

OPTION 2. – Guided visit of the Buda side (max. 4 hours)

With the help of our professional guide you will discover the Buda Castle District – the historical quarter of the capital that is located on a hill and is surrounded by an ancient wall.

The Royal Palace of Buda houses today the National Széchenyi Library and a complex of museums, including the Hungarian National Gallery.

During your walking tour you will take a visit in the Matthias Church which with its colorful ceramic roof has become one of the symbols of the capital; and you can enjoy the beautiful panorama to Pest side standing on the famous Fishermen’s Bastion – a small fortress from the turn of the century. 

As an optional program, it is possible to have a 15 or a 30-minute long organ concert organized for the group in the Mathias Church. 

OPTION 3. – Guided visit of the Pest side

Pedestrian tour at the Heroes Square and its surroundings, the largest place of honor in the capital, where the Millennium Monument stands. The Museum of Fine Arts is located in this same square.

Walking tour of the square and its museums (outside) then discovery of the Vajdahunyad Castle. This complex aims to illustrate the different architectural styles present on the territory of historic Hungary, it includes the reconstruction of several buildings (castle, chapel, palace, …).
Exterior view of the famous Széchenyi Baths.

We continue on Andrássy Avenue with the exterior visit of the Opera, then of the Parliament. An interior visit is also possible at both place at request.

Orientation tour around the “Art Nouveau” style. Near the Parliament, walking tour of the Liberty Square, surrounded by some of the most impressive buildings in Budapest: Hungarian Television Headquarters, former Stock Exchange, National Bank headquarters, Savings Bank, Bedő House…

Continue with a visit of the Saint Stephen’s Basilica, the largest Catholic Church in the capital, a massive monument with its 96 m high dome. The church is dedicated to our first Christian king, the founder of the Hungarian kingdom: “István”. We also keep his right hand, which is the most important relic of the city.

Then visit and discover of the Market Hall: the most beautiful market in Budapest, built at the end of the 19th century, in neo-Gothic and eclectic style using red and white bricks and a steel structure, which gives it a special atmosphere. 

OPTION 4. – Visit of the city with segway

Learn to ride a segway, the self-balancing electric scooter and go for a tour with our guide in the heart of Pest.

The tour begins with an orientation session to see how to operate a Segway. You will have time to practice on the segways so that everyone feels comfortable and ready to go for a quick ride around Budapest city center. 

OPTION 5. – Visit of the city with Monster Roller

This electric scooter is a real “monster”: with super wide wheels the maneuver is more like surfing than driving.

The 2-hour visit is made in groups of 8-12 people. A guide and an assistant accompany each group. There are different routes and the guide provides explanations about the city. 

OPTION 6. – City Rally with tastings on the Pest side (3-3,5h)

Discover the city in an interactive and fun way!

The program is 100% tailor-made. It can be a thematic (around the gastronomy, the Hungarian inventions, the music, the history etc.) or can be full of fun/sportive tasks, all depends on your needs.

Starting and ending point of the rally is flexible, and we can build in some stops (wine tasting, coffee break, etc.) according to your wishes.

We divide the participants into teams and each team receives a starting pack including everything they need during the rally.

Duration: 3-3,5 hours 

OPTION 7. – iBudpest – City rally with iPads on the Pest side or on the Buda side – pedestrian program (3-3,5h)

Solve the secrets of the 17th century with the help of technology used in the 21st century. Discover the mysterious faces of the city, get to know the stories and the secrets of the people once living here. 

We divide the participants into teams, and each team receives an iPad. The first task to complete is to decipher the code locking the iPads. After activating the code, you receive the first encrypted message – solve it and find your first station. On the way, different tasks are waiting for you. 

(We are going to divide the participants into teams, and each team is going to receive an iPad. The first task to complete is to decipher the code locking the iPads. The time traveler has left behind a certain date for each team and you will find a message by which the time traveler reveals the virtual scene where the game is going to start, as well as the team code necessary for the start itself. After activating the code you are going to receive the first encrypted message.

If you have solved the code, the first puzzle is waiting for you – solve it and leave with your team. On the way different tasks wait for you, and if you are ready, you have to send your answers to the time-traveler who is the person to check it, and if it proves to be correct, he will send the next puzzle.

You have to solve a whole range of GPS coordinates, codes, cryptograms and tasks in order to go along your path – and if you succeed, your reward will be granted!) 

Tastings to include in the visits, to the programs

1.) Strudel tasting in the First Strudel House of Pest – not privatized

The First Strudel House of Pest started its operation in 2007, uniquely in Hungary, in the heart of Budapest, in a historical building built in 1812, with the mission to preserve, hand down and popularize this real Hungarian tradition; the experience gained in preparing and consuming strudels in order to provide guests with gastronomic adventures that carry weight, history and values. Special organized programs with strudel stretching presentation and 12-minute long movie about Hungary, Budapest and strudel, involving guests at the preparation of the strudel and of course taste the pastry in the end.

2.) Domus Vinorum Wine Cellar – not privatized

This wine house is situated in the city center, just a few steps away from the Saint Stephen Basilica.

Domus is a wine shop with a main attraction that includes a 550 m2 wine cellar in the basement of a 19th century building.  Their collection includes about 200 different wines and 50 spirits all made in Hungary in the last 40 years. The cellar is decorated with museum pieces of wine making and the sommelier will happily show you around the cave while you taste some of their liquid treasures, like the famous red Bikavér – Bull’s Blood – or the girly and sweet ‘wine of the Kings and kings of wine,’ the Tokaji Aszú.  

3.) Hungarian meat product tasting (sausages, ham, etc.) in the Great Market Hall – Fakanál restaurant

This is a perfect place to taste the real traditional Hungarian cuisine and several types of Hungarian wine such as the famous Tokaji! Situated on the first floor of the Central Market Hall – in the heart of Budapest – the Fakanál Restaurant receives its guests with a special atmosphere. Carts, stoves, red and white checked tablecloths, live gipsy music, etc. as parts of the original decoration bring back the guests to the previous century.

The different faces of Budapest – Variations on one theme

The Hungarian capital offers numerous possibilities, different ways to get to know its most interesting features and sights. Whether you prefer the more classic program elements or look for adventure and fun, you can definitely find the most suitable solution (one or more) from the below listed options. 

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