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(Meal Plan: None)
Welcome to Chile! Upon arrival, meet & greet at the airport and transfer to your hotel in Santiago.

(Meal Plan: Breakfast, Lunch)
For wine lovers, Santiago is one of the best destinations in South America. With a short drive you can reach some of Chile’s premier wine regions, such as Maipo Valley. This full-day tour to Santa Rita winery, a 45-minute drive from Santiago, pairs a wine tasting with local history. Founded in 1880 this historic property was among the first to pioneer plantings of European grape varieties in Chile.

Your tour includes a visit to the oldest cellars as the famous ‘Cellar of the 120 Patriots’, the park, the chapel and the Roman bath. A premium wine tasting served with cheese and dried fruits will follow. Before heading back to Santiago you can spend your remaining time strolling through the sculpted grounds or wander through the on-site Andean Museum to see an excellent collection of more than 1800 pre Columbian artifacts.

Lunch at Doña Paula the historic restaurant of Santa Rita winery. Considered a national monument it was here that General O’Higgins and his soldiers took refuge during the Chilean War of Independence.

(Meal Plan: Breakfast)
At a proper time, transfer to the airport in Santiago for your flight to Calama.

This afternoon, a half-day tour will take you through the Salt Mountain Range, a unique and spectacular geological wonder, created over many millennia as a result of the continually conflicting pressures of the Andes and the Cordillera de Domeyko. It is within this mountain range that you will find the Dinosaur, Death and Moon Valley, each filled with lookouts and views of the mountain range and its volcanoes. The many ravines, peaks and expansive plains that make up these valleys have created their unique and otherworldly appearance, unlike anything else on the planet. Making your way to the Moon Valley, you will visit the Central Crater to get a better view of the valley and the amphitheater before making your way to a viewpoint that overlooks the Three Marys – naturally occurring geological formations in the silhouetted shape of Mother Mary praying. No trip to the region is complete without stopping at one of the highest lookouts in the Salt Mountain Range, the Kari lookout (also known as the Mirador Del Coyote), for some of the best views in the Atacama region. This clifftop vantage point is one of the most magnificent places to watch the sunset over the valley, colors will shift from a striking red and orange to hazy purples, pinks and even emerald blue; a sight not to be missed.

(Meal Plan: Breakfast)
Depart early in the morning and make your way to one of the biggest geothermal fields in the world – the Tatio Geysers (a 2-hour drive) at 4,320 m / 14,173ft. You will arrive at sunrise, the best time to observe the natural spectacle that takes place there every morning. Boiling water gurgles in the frozen ground and then emerges violently as steam plumes throughout the over 100 geysers, pools and fumaroles.

Right after your exploration, you will be transferred to the airport in Calama for your flight to Lima.

(Meal Plan: Breakfast, Lunch)
At a proper time, airport transfer in Lima for your flight to Cusco.

Upon arrival in Cusco, you will be transferred to your hotel in the Sacred Valley. En route, you make a stop in Pisaq. Originally a place where people from remote communities used to barter their products, Pisaq has evolved into one of South America’s most famous souvenir markets. Be sure to sample some empanadas baked in traditional clay ovens.

Lunch at Inkaterra Hacienda Urubamba. Enjoy a 3-course meal at a stylish property – resembling a grand colonial private house tucked above the village of Urubamba. Upon arrival, you might first be struck by the spectacular vistas over the valley. The menu includes healthy dishes made with many ingredients sourced directly from their farm. 

(Meal Plan: Breakfast)
Morning ride to Ollanta station. The train ride takes you through the Sacred Valley of the Incas up to Machu Picchu.

Upon arrival, a small coach takes you up the steep roads to the entrance of the citadel. For centuries Machu Picchu remained undiscovered by the Spaniards and has only been found in 1911 by the American explorer Hiram Bingham. During a guided tour you will experience the uniqueness of the location and the genius that went into its construction, making this Inca site one of the seven new wonders of the world.

Return by train from Aguas Calientes to Ollanta. Upon arrival drive to your hotel in the Sacred Valley.

(Meal Plan: Breakfast)
This morning, you leave the Sacred Valley to go back to Cusco. En route, you stop at Sacsayhuaman Fortress, the largest and most magnificent work left by the Incas. The massive terrace walls are amongst the largest used in any building in the Americas. The meticulous precision of the rockwork sheds light on the mastery of the Inca stonemasons. Then, you head back to Cusco city.

Your walking city tour continues in beautiful Cusco. Admire the most impressive example of how Inca and Hispanic cultures fused together at the Koricancha or Sun Temple. Just within walking distance, you find the Cathedral dominating the north east side of Cusco’s main square. One of the most famous paintings and icons within is the ‘Last Supper’ by Quechua artist Marcos Zapata. The 18th-century painting symbolizes the blend of indigenous and European cultures. Instead of a lamb on the table, you find a guinea pig. Take then a cobblestoned street going up to the traditional artist’s quarter of San Blas. Many of the best craftsmen have their workshops and small galleries in the cobbled, narrow streets. From the main square, take Triunfo Street to Hatunrumiyoc and see its famous twelve-sided stone.

(Meal Plan: Breakfast)
At a proper time, transfer to the airport in Cusco for your flight to La Paz.

This afternoon, your sightseeing tour starts with a drive to the cliff-edge city ‘El Alto’. This metropolis, once inhabited by Aymara migrants, has long been associated with poverty. Today there is an emerging middle-class, proud of their urban-rural identity, which is reflected in the proliferation of colorful mansions blending modern architecture with symbols of the pre-Columbian Tiahuanaco culture. Your guide takes you through the streets featuring some of these so-called ‘chalets’ of ‘new Andean’ architecture before boarding the highest cable car in the world. Enjoy spectacular views of the snowcapped mountains and the city of La Paz before arriving down in the historic center to visit Murillo Square. Prominent buildings on the square include the Presidential Palace, the Congress Building and a neoclassical cathedral. After a short stop to sample a ‘saltena’ (a typical baked pastry filled with beef or chicken) you head to San Francisco Church, considered one of the best examples of baroque mestizo architecture in South America.

(Meal Plan: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)
At a proper time, transfer to the airport in La Paz for your flight to Uyuni.

Upon arrival, you will be picked up and transferred to the stunning Kachi Lodge. On the edge of the Uyuni Salt Lake and at the foot of the Tunupa Volcano, the 6 geodesic luxury domes of the Kachi Lodge (at 3,600 m/11,811 ft) rise from a wooden platform and offer you a special 3-day stay. The dome tents blend harmoniously into the surroundings and are designed and equipped with impeccable attention to detail. Designed by international designers, the sustainable concept in its bohemian chic style, colorful artworks and sculptures, as well as furniture and design pieces made from mostly regional natural materials, creates a warm atmosphere. Each suite is heated, comes with a private bathroom, is tastefully decorated and features a pronounced bed placement. The acclaimed restaurant Gustu from La Paz is responsible for the kitchen. The concept of its gourmet cuisine combined with local flavors and Bolivian ingredients has been adopted for the Kachi Lodge, allowing lodge guests to enjoy the finest Bolivian-style haute cuisine. Your stay includes airport transfers to/from Uyuni, full-board and excursions with other guests and English speaking guides.

IMPORTANT The program is weather dependent. The airport transfer from Uyuni in the dry season takes about 75 minutes, while in the rainy season (January-April) it can take up to 5 hours. We recommend that you bring hiking boots, windproof and warm jackets, light gloves, sunglasses, sunscreen and headgear.

(Meal Plan: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)
Depending on the season and weather conditions, you can choose between a number of different excursions. Hike to the nearby ‘cactus island’, which offers amazing views of the Salar, visit the charming community of Coquesa and its mummies housed in a cave or head to the interesting archaeological site of Alcaya, a pre-Columbian town near Salinas. Active guests can hike down the lower Tunupa Volcano or explore the surrounds on mountain bikes. During the rainy season, it is even possible to do stand-up paddling on the Salar. Get a glimpse into the local culture as you meet farmers in the midst of their herds of llamas and discover the harsh conditions in which they perform their day-to-day work.

For all of you ‘stargazers’: the domes were specifically designed so that you can admire the starry night sky in addition to the endless expanses of the salt desert. Bring the celestial lights closer by making use of the telescope in the lodge!

(Meal Plan: Breakfast)        
At a proper time, you will be transferred to Uyuni airport for your onward journey to La Paz. We recommend taking the evening flight to La Paz to make the most of your stay at Kachi Lodge.

Upon arrival, transfer to your hotel in La Paz.

(Meal Plan: Breakfst, Lunch)
Your day tour begins with an early pick up from your hotel. After approximately 2 hours you´ll reach Tiquina, where you will board a ferry to the opposite shore of Lake Titicaca and continue your journey to Copacabana, where you will enjoy your lunch on the waterfront. Then you will board a local boat and cruise Titicaca Lake to Sun Island (shared with other travelers). After disembarking you will visit the best-preserved Inca ruins on Sun Island, the Picocaina Temple. Later, you will be able to visit the community of Yumani, the ‘Fountain of the Inca’ and the legendary Inca Steps. After taking a few photos of the lake and enjoying the breathtaking view of Cordillera Real, you will board the local boat back to Copacabana (shared with other travelers). Absorb the sacred atmosphere in the Basilica of the ‘Dark Virgin’ before resuming your journey by car to Kasani, where you will change vehicle and continue to your hotel in Puno (without guide). Approximate arrival time is 20:30 hrs – Peruvian time.

IMPORTANT Elevations on Sun Island range between 3,800 and 4,000 m (12,467 and 13,123 ft) and there are only footpaths. Therefore, a reasonable degree of fitness is required for hiking on the island. This excursion is not recommended for the less mobile (there are no motorized vehicles). Pack light and bring essentials such as: sunblock, a hat and sunglasses

(Meal Plan: Breakfast)
Morning boat excursion to the floating Uros Islands. You will board a small boat and venture out onto the waters of Lake Titicaca. Visit of one of the native Uros communities located on a man-made floating island in the lake. The Uros people live totally interwoven with the ‘Totora’ reed which grows abundantly in the shallows of the lake. This strange way of life began over 500 years ago when the Uros built their islands in an effort to isolate themselves from the Coyas and the Incas.

Afterwards, transfer from Puno to the airport in Juliaca for your flight to Lima.

(Meal Plan: Breakfast)
On our comprehensive morning tour in Lima, explore the historic center (declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO), bohemian neighborhood of Barranco and Miraflores. As you stroll around the main plaza and Plaza San Martin, our guide will explain the city’s impressive and diverse architectural heritage. Continue on to the Santo Domingo Monastery where the first University in South America, was founded in 1551. Time for a lunch break is included. Lima makes worldwide lists as a top culinary destination, tell your guide about your preferences. There is a wide array of options from fine dining to casual restaurants. Then, head to Barranco the epicenter of Lima’s cultural elite and home of artists; writers and designers for many generations. The walking tour includes the ‘Bridge of Sighs’ and a lookout point – a great spot for a view of the Pacific Ocean. If you fancy a coffee, ask your guide for a stop at the historical Tostaduria Bisetti Café. Dedalo, an art gallery set in an early 20th-century mansion with an adorable café on the back patio, could be also an option if you are looking for artsy and original handicrafts. Once in Miraflores stop at the Park of Love with the sculpture ‘The Kiss’ and a stunning view over the bay of Lima. Your tour ends with a visit to Huaca Pucllana an impressing archaeological site from the 5th century standing out among modern constructions in Miraflores.

At proper time, airport transfer in Lima for your international flight back home.


This luxury tour offers nothing but the very best of Chile, Peru and Bolivia by blending cultural activities with unique adventures that will leave you with unforgettable memories. Each property  has been handpicked to reflect the true character and personality of each country. 

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