Day 1: VilniusAr­ri­val in Vil­nius and transfer to ho­tel. Ci­ty tour of Vil­nius including St.Pe­ter and Paul’s Church, Cat­hed­ral Squ­a­re, St.Ann and Ber­nar­di­nes‘ Church, the Ga­te of Dawn with the ho­ly ima­ge of the Vir­gin Ma­ry, Rus­sian Ort­ho­dox Church of the Ho­ly Spi­rit, Town Hall Squ­a­re, Jewish quarter and Vil­nius Uni­ver­si­ty (1579).

Overnight: hotel in Vil­nius


Day 2: Vilnius – Trakai – Rundale – Riga

Breakfastat hotel. Departure for Riga (350 km). Stopover in Trakai, for­mer ca­pi­tal of the Grand Du­chy of Lit­hu­a­nia. Vi­sit to the in­su­lar cast­le erec­ted on a small is­land in the la­ke Gal­vė which ser­ved as a re­si­den­ce of Lit­hu­a­nian Grand Du­kes. Further drive to Riga. Stopover in Rundale and vi­sit of Run­da­le Pa­la­ce, a Baroque masterpiece and a splen­did exam­ple of the early work of fa­mous Ita­lian ar­chi­tect F.B.Rast­rel­li. Ar­ri­val in Ri­ga, check-in at ho­tel.

Overnight: hotel in Ri­ga


Day 3: Riga

Breakfast at hotel. Ci­ty tour of Ri­ga, vi­si­ting me­die­val Han­se­a­tic town with Ri­ga Cast­le, St. Pe­ter‘s Church, Do­me Cat­hed­ral, the Old Guild Hou­ses, the Swedish Gate and the Art Nouveau district. Af­ter­no­on free.

Overnight: hotel in Riga


Day 4: Riga – Pärnu –Tallinn

Breakfastat hotel. De­par­tu­re for Tal­linn (300 km) with a stop in Pärnu, Estonian “Summer Capital” which is known as a health resort since the first spa opened here in the 1830s. Further drive to Tallinn. Ar­ri­val in Tal­linn, check-in at ho­tel.

Overnight: hotel in Tal­linn

Day 5: Tallinn

Breakfast at hotel. Ci­ty tour of Tal­linn, the best preserved medieval city in Northern Europe. The tour inc­lu­des To­om­pea Cast­le for­ti­fi­ca­tions, the Do­me Church, Rus­sian Ort­ho­dox Cathed­ral of Ale­xan­der Nev­skij, Town Hall Squ­a­re, the Old Guild, St.Olaf’s Church. Af­ter­no on free.

Overnight: hotel in Tal­linn


Day 6: Tallin – Tartu – Sigulda

Breakfast at hotel. De­par­tu­re for Si­gul­da (380 km). Sto­po­ver in Tar­tu, the se­cond lar­gest town in Es­to­nia. Ci­ty tour of Tar­tu, inc­lu­ding Tar­tu Uni­ver­si­ty, To­o­me Hill Park with its mo nu­ments, sculp­tu­res brid­ges and ruins of got­hic church, pa­no­ra­mic view of the town with Ja­a­ni Church and Town Hall Squ­a­re. A furt­her dri­ve to Si­gul­da (Lat­via). Short stop in a small an­cient town of Ce­sis for a walk in Cast­le Park. Ar­ri­val in Si­gul­da, check-in at ho­tel.

Overnight: hotel in Sigulda


Day 7: Sigulda – Vilnius

Breakfast at hotel. A short walk in Gau­ja Na­tio­nal Park, inc­lu­ding vi­sit to Tu­rai­da Cast­le and the ruins of the 13th cen­tu­ry Cru­sader Castle in Sigulda. Departure for Vilnius (350 km). Arrival in Vilnius check-in at ho­tel.

Overnight: hotel in Vilnius


Day 8: Vilnius

Breakfast at hotel. Transferto airport.



7 nights at ho­tels (2 Vilnius, 2 Riga, 2 Tallinn, 1 Sigulda)

• Buf­fet bre­ak­fast dai­ly

• Trans­por­ta­tion by air-con­di­tio­ned co­ach

• Escort and gui­de ser­vi­ces

• Ex­cur­sion and en­tran­ce fe­es as per iti­ne­ra­ry


Classical tour in Baltic Countries

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