Day 01: Arrival
Arrival to Tunis International Airport.
Welcome, Assistance and transfer to the The magnificient DAR SAID, a charming hotel located in the heart of the mythical village of Sidi Bou Said .
Check in, dinner & accommodation.

Day 02:  Bardo Museum – Tunis Medina – Carthage – Sidi Bou Said
After breakfast, departure to visit Bardo Museum, famous for its impressive and finest collection of mosaics. Housed in a Turkish bey’s Palace, the unique Bardo Museum is showing off its impressive and finest Roman Mosaics. Collections, lively witness of the various civilisations that have flourished on the Tunisian Soil, include Punic vestiges and an impressive array of Roman mosaics . Visit of the Medina, subject to a major UNESCO protection and conservation plan. The Medina remains an authentic entity at the heart of which stands the Zitouna Mosque, which is deemed as one of the most prestigious and well-regarded intellectual centers in the Maghreb.
Visit – Free time- Free lunch in one of the Medina Palaces – Then, head to the ancient Carthage, Founded by the Phoenician ELYSSA DIDON in the IXth century B.C, CARTHAGE can still show off its splendid Antonine Spas, its Amphitheatre, its theatre, its Punic Port and Roman villas. Back to Sidi Bou Said and on to a walking tour in this splendid Moorish village perched on its headland and wreathed in flowers, where you will meet artists from all the world….
Built around the minaret of the central mosque, this village has a quite extraordinary charm. Visit of the village with its countless art galleries and the famous “Café des Nattes “, where you can taste the famous mint and pine nuts Tunisian tea- Visit – Free time to soak up the beauty of the place. Back to your Hotel, Dinner and accommodation

Day 03: Tunis – Kairouan– Gafsa – Tozeur
Breakfast at your Hotel, Check out and departure to Kairouan, the 3rd holy city, apart from Mecca & Jerusalem. It has monuments that encompass the history of Islam in North Africa. Visit the Aghlabite Pool, the Great Mosque Djama Sidi Okba that has its founder’s name, and marked by breath taking architecture. Visit the Barbier Mosque, which was built nearby the site of one of the prophet’s companions.
Stroll in the Old Medina and its typical souks. On to Tozeur via Gafsa. Installing, Dinner and overnight at the magnificent Lodge Diar ABou Habibi in Tozeur : Saharan lodges designed in the form of huts perched on palm trees, and built on stilts, integrating harmoniously in the palm trees. Each Lodge is an original creation that combines comfort, luxury and tradition..

Day 04: Tozeur – Chébika – Tamerza – Nefta – Ong Djemal
Breakfast at your Lodge, and departure by 4×4 vehicle to discover the exceptional mountain Oases: Chebika, Tamerza, Midès, a real suspended paradise, which attracted plenty of film makers such as George Lucas, Steven Spielberg and many others. You will be delighted to discover this landscape located in the crossing of 2 advanced mountains, that open onto the desert. Walk in the magical setting of the Mides Canyon, to soak up the beautiful landscapes, worthy of the wild west.Visit of the waterfalls and discovery of the surroundings of Tamerza palm grove. Free lunch in Tamerza-
PM: Visit of the magnificent dunes of ONG Djemal, as well as the set of the famous movie Star Wars- Visit -Free time. On to discover Nefta, one of the most attractive Oases in Bled El Djerid and religious capital of the area ! ..
Situated a few kilometers from Tozeur, on the edge of a plateau denuded and eroded by sandstorms, Nefta will offer to you the softness of its dunes, the coolness of its sumptuous Oasis «the Basket », its 400.000 Palm trees, its 1000 springs, its 200        « kouba » (religious monument), its minarets…
Back to your Hotel – Dinner and overnight.

Day 05: Tozeur – Chott El Djerid – Douz – Tambaine
Breakfast at your Lodge, check out, and departure to discover Tozeur, the Capital of The Djerid, with its typical buildings, its market, and its large Oasis.
On to Douz, the gateway to the Sahara, by the crossing of the CHOTT EL DJERID. 
Visit of the City & free Lunch –
13H30: Departure by 4×4 vehicles to Tembaine, through the most artistic dunes –
About 03 hours of magnificent dune crossing that will take you to Mars Camp, an atypical camp installed in the hollow of the dunes-
Arrival to Mars, Check in in your tent: tent equipped with a hand wash, old-fashioned shower (with seal and ladle) and dry toilet with sawdust. You will enjoy the pleasure of candlelight, and traditional Southern cuisine. The notion of comfort will take its full meaning in a place where there is nothing but dunes!
Free time, Sunset on the Dunes in the heart of Le Grand Erg Orientlal Desert!
Berber dinner with the ritual of preparing traditional bread, baked in embers and run away in the sand – Saharan night around a Palm Fire-
Accommodation under tent, in the beautiful setting of Mars Camp.

Day 06: Tambaine – Douz – Matmata – Gabes- Sfax
The first sunrays emerging on the crests of the dunes, will wake you slowly-
Breakfast in the Camp – Free time to listen to the “sound of silence” and appreciate the beauty of the place : a landscape of gigantic dunes as far as the eye can see!…
Back to Douz, and continuation to Matmata, the star of the Tunisian South, famous for its unique underground Troglodyte Homes, these cave dwellings used by Steven SPIELBERG to great effect in his famous films « Star War » & « Raiders of the lost Ark . Berber lunch in a real Troglodyte House in Matmata: an immersion in the daily life of a Berber family and a real moment of sharing!
Visit of the  and the setting of the famous film Star Wars On to Sfax via GABES. Check in, diner & Accommodation at the Golden Yasmin Les OLIVIERS PALACE 5* Hotel.

Day 07: Sfax– El Jem– Sousse – Port El Kantaoui– Hammamet or Tunis
Breakfast at your Hotel, check out, and departure for a panoramic tour of Sfax, & its medina, then departure to EL JEM, ancient Roman city of Thysdrus. Its Amphitheatre is the most famous and remarkable Roman monument in North Africa, and third in the world. Visit and on to SOUSSE – Free Lunch in Sousse –
PM: visit of Sousse Medina and Port El Kantaoui. On to Hammamet or Tunis – Check in, diner & Accommodation at your hotel –

Day 08: Departure
Breakfast at your Hotel
Transfer to Tunis airport according to your flight departure. Assistance upon departure-

Tunisia From Carthage To Kairouan

An original Tour to discover a different Tunisia, with its magnificent archaeological sites, its mysterious Medinas, its Berber villages , as well as the magnificent desert of the Grand Erg Oriental !

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