DAY 01: Tirana Airport – Shkodra (90km – 1h30min)


Upon arrival, meet the driver and the guide and depart toward Shkodra (the transfer takes about 2 hours taking in consideration the traffic as well). 

Depending on your flight details, visit of the city can be done on the afternoon.

Visit SHKODRA. Crowning the 113m-high hill towering above the confluence of the Buna and Drini rivers, Rozafa’s impressive top sight is the pride of all. Shkodra’s history started on this hilltop with the establishment of a Bronze Age settlement 4000 years ago, followed much later by an Illyrian fortress. Shkoder (Scutari) is an ancient city with a rich history. The tour will give insights of the old

characteristic houses where wood, stone and other traditional motifs are used.

Dinner and overnight in Shkodra

DAY 02:  Shkodra – Theth (85km – 3hrs)

Breakfast in the hotel. Start the amazing trip toward the Albanian Alps.

The journey will go on toward one of the most secluded (so far) villages in Albania which has won over every traveler that went there because of such beautiful nature and genuine spirit around.

Once you visited it, you are left with only 1 hope: that the ‘NEW’ times do not change it and the specialty of the place gets preserved in a very commercial world.

The transfer lasts about 2.5 hours, but will be made with stops so you can enjoy the steppe road that sends you to the village. 

On arrival, check in the hotel, have lunch in the guesthouse booked for you as per your desired selections and start the afternoon with the hike toward the first site: Ujvara e Grunasit.

This 25m high-drop waterfall is a natural monument since 2002 and it is approximately 1 hour distance from the center of the village;

From which half of the road (30min) is hike in a field terrain and half of it climbing in an average difficulty terrain. The views once reached the destination, are really rewarding: At the bottom of the waterfall is formed a pond, from which water flows into the valley of Thethi, at the beginning of the canyon of Grunas: the emerald colored water is really cold, but that does not stop the good hikers form getting a swim into it.

Return back in the village to have a bio based food: good enough to re-energize for the next day

Dinner and overnight in Theth 

DAY 03: Theth

Breakfast with local ingredients (including fresh milk, eggs, honey, cheese etc.)

After breakfast, walk toward the Natural Bathtubs of village Nderlyse.nThe hike lasts about 1.5-2 hours in an easy terrain.

The natural bathtubs are a perfect spot for pictures, stop for refreshment and always a perfect idea to swim (again, the water is quite cold, but no one resists the nice water especially being in marble rock formations, crystal clear and different shapes.

From here, goes on the hike towards the most visited attraction of Theth: The Blue Eye, or Syni Blu- how the locals call it. The first 40 minutes are a bit difficult including climbing in a changing terrain, among the forests until then the hike becomes easier opening in front of the guests a surface of about 100 m2 and about 4-5 m deep, which is formed by the Black River flow that descends from the upper Kaprrea. Located between rocky and green slopes, with its depth this well takes on the colors of blue and emerald depending on the season, forming a fascinating landscape for all visitors. Spend all the time you want here, to take in all the beauty of the nature at its best

Return back in the village, build a fire and crumble around it during the night (although summery, during the night the temperatures drop significantly); tell stories under the stars and enjoy the local food.

Dinner and overnight in Theth 

DAY 04: Theth – Valbona Pass

Early breakfast at hotel. Today starts the absolute highlight hike of the tour. 

From there, we will start the hiking (6-8 hour hike it might be demanding, ↑ ↓ 1300 m 14000 m) to the Valbona Pass (1948m) and remote village of Thethi (750m). On the way you will experience some of the most stunning mountain landscapes in the Albanian Alps, so called as well The Accursed Mountains.

We will have some breaks to enjoy a picnic lunch and the water springs. The walk might be demanding, so for a part of it we suggest to use the horses for transport for the ones that get tired faster than the rest of the group.

The vehicle of the group will do the round road and will be parked in Valbona.

By late afternoon the group shall arrive in Valbona. We will be accommodated in a local guest house and taste the delicious north Albanian dishes after a long day.

Dinner and overnight in Valbona 

DAY 05: Valbona National Park

Breakfast in the hotel. This day, being that it comes after a rather demanding walk, the activity can start also later on, although the hike in Valbona National Park is thought to be arranged less demanding and more of a walk-through in the nature. (packed lunch)

We will hike (4 hours, easy to moderate, ↑ ↓ 350 m 350 m) to discover the source of Valbona River. The Valbona Valley is dominated by Beech Forest. The walk through these woods will take you through stands of virgin beech trees, gorgeous in their sinewy and speckled smooth trunks, with airy fluttering canopies which transform the light from above into a cozy mystery. The land is

everywhere informed by the twin characteristics of the limestone karst geology, which breaks out in pretty outcrops of boulders, as well as encompassing frequent and irrepressible underground springs and streams.  Hushed, airy, colorful and fragrant, the forests are pleasure to explore, neither too dense to move through

Return back to your guesthouse.

Dinner and overnight in Valbona 

DAY 06: Valbona – Fierze/Koman – Tirana

Breakfast at the hotel and drive to Fierza Ferry Terminal

Transfer to reach the ferry departure. (it takes about 1 hour the transfer, so most probably we will order either an early breakfast or a packed one).

Sit in one of coffee bars near the lake and just watch the people, try to notice everything: their loudly talking, the way they walk, drinking raki shots with coffee in the morning, and the big smiles that they will give to you.

The 2 hour trip on Lake Komani was called “One of the Great Boat Trips of the World” by the Bradt Guide, and now everyone repeats it, because it’s super-true!  The Lakes of Vau e Dejes, Koman and Fierze were created in the 1970s by a massive hydroelectric project 

Transfer from Koman to Tirana lasts approx… 3 hours.

Dinner and overnight in Tirana 

DAY 07: Tirana (Dajti Mountain)

Breakfast at the hotel and drive to cable car terminal. Cable car ride will last for 15 minutes to Dajti Mountain

Hiking in Dajti Mountain (Including time for lunch)

This tour starts with a relaxed trip up the mountain with the Dajti Express cable car gondolas, which offers a great view over Tirana and its surroundings. Once we arrive at the top, the tour hits a well-trodden trail that winds through the oak forest to the Cherry Pass, which runs between the two peaks of Dajti. The tour continues further along the trail, with continuous views of the western lowlands of Albania and the Adriatic coast. The trail leads to the peak of Tujani (1,580 m), which is the highest point that can be reached by foot. From the peak, the panorama broadens inland and you can enjoy the beautiful panorama of Lake Bovilla locked between the mountains and the remote highlands of Tirana, dominated by the St. Mary Miçek Mountain. 

After a snack break near the peak, we start walking back towards the cable car station and have lunch in the restaurant overviewing the city.

Afternoon we’ll be back in the city for a walking tour around. The walking tour includes the new promenade, approaching the Byzantine ruins and walls, reaching the main Italian boulevard, with the view of the Art Gallery and the distinguished Italian buildings, Tirana City Hall, Statue of Skanderbeg, Ethem Bey Mosque, Skanderbeg statue, Clock Tower, National Library and Opera House and the mosaic “Albanians” on top of the entrance of National Historical Museum. Stroll along the main Boulevard, visiting the most important squares and finish the visit by Kalaja e Tiranes, where you can sit and enjoy a glass of wine, a coffee or a sweet..

Dinner and overnight in Tirana 

DAY 08: Tirana – Apt

Breakfast at the hotel

Transfer to Airport (let us know your flight details in advance)

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From the mountain to the heart of Albania

Enjoy the pure mountain hiking and boat tour in the paradise of the Albanian Alps

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