The Mogoşoaia Palace proper is but a part, the oldest, in fact, of a wider historical and architectural complex, which also comprises a guesthouse, a watchtower, a princely kitchen, a vault, an ice-house and a greenhouse. The church (dedicated to Saint Gheorghe, and built by Constantin Brâncoveanu) which is located right outside of the gate can also be deemed part of the domain.

The building reunites Venetian architectural elements and Ottoman influences in an overall structure dominated by what is generally designated with the term of Brâncoveanu style architecture. The palace, as well as the entire domain, remained the property of the Brâncoveanu family for more than one century, and it understandably went though periods when it was pillaged or confiscated and deprived of its use as princely residence.


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Mogosoaia Palace

Half day excursion to Mogosoaia Palace (aprox 15 km from

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