Day 01 :  Arrival in Tunis                                                                                                    Arrival at Tunis International Airport. Welcome by our team, assistance, and private transfer to the beautiful & charming DAR SAID Hotel in Sidi Bou Said; Check-in.  Free time to enjoy the beauty of the place ; Free Dinner in Sidi Bou Said and night in the DAR SAID Charming Hotel.

Day 02:  Bardo Museum – Tunis Medina – Carthage – Sidi Bou Said      After breakfast, departure to visit Bardo Museum, famous for its impressive and finest collection of mosaics. Housed in a Turkish bey’s Palace, the unique Bardo Museum is showing off its impressive and finest Roman Mosaics. Collections, lively witness of the various civilisations that have flourished on the Tunisian Soil, include Punic vestiges and an impressive array of Roman mosaics . Visit of the Medina, subject to a major UNESCO protection and conservation plan. The Medina remains an authentic entity at the heart of which stands the Zitouna Mosque, which is deemed as one of the most prestigious and well-regarded intellectual centers in the Maghreb. Visit – Free time- Free lunch in one of the Medina Palaces – Then, head to the ancient Carthage, Founded by the Phoenician ELYSSA DIDON in the IXth century B.C, CARTHAGE can still show off its splendid Antonine Spas, its Amphitheatre, its theatre, its Punic Port and Roman villas …Back to Sidi Bou Said and on to a walking tour in this splendid Moorish village perched on its headland and wreathed in flowers, where you will meet artists from all the world….  Built around the minaret of the central mosque, this village has a quite extraordinary charm… Visit of the village with its countless art galleries and the famous “Café des Nattes “, where you can taste the famous mint and pine nuts Tunisian tea- Visit – Free time to soak up the beauty of the place. Free Dinner in Sidi Bou Said – Night in the DAR SAID Charming Hotel.

Day 03: Tunis -Dougga – Bulla Reggia– EL Kef                                          Breakfast at your hotel and departure for DOUGGA via Testour, very beautiful city founded by The Andalusians chased from Spain in 1609. Visit of Dougga, of its ancient name Thugga, certainly the most majestic archaeological site of Tunisia and the best preserved of the Maghreb.Its ruins are located, on a hill, at 600 m of altitude and spread over 25 ha, in a fertile area, of the Tunisian north. No less than 3 hours are needed to visit this place.There is a refined architecture and an elaborate urbanism, with amphitheatre, capitol, forum, thermal baths, mausoleums, temples, luxurious mansions and drainage system. All these remains reflect the grandeur of numid, Punic and Roman civilizations.Visit and free time to soak up the beauty of the place- Free lunch in Dougga and Route to discover the magnificent Bulla Regia: a flourishing city in Roman times, thanks to its position on the road connecting Carthage to Hippo (present-day Annaba). The site of Bulla Reggia is still three quarters underground; only part of the city has been cleared. The state of conservation of some of its monuments such as the theatre, and the originality that characterizes the houses under land explain the big interest of this site. Visit of its rich villas, its temples, theatre and surprising double-level dwellings, one of which is underground … – Free time to soak up the beauty of the place- Road to El Kef – Check in at the beautiful and typical Guest House DAR BOUMAKHLOUF in El Kef- Dinner and accommodation.

Day 04 : El Kef – Makthar –Kairouan                                                          Breakfast at DAR BOUMAKHLOUF and departure to discover El Kef, the town of the rock, established on the southern slopes of Djebel Dyr- In the shadow of the imposing Kasbah perched on the summit, the remains of the ancient city stand side by side with the early Christian ruins (Dar el Kous, Jema el-Kébir basilica) and the monuments of Islam. Visit and on to Makthar (MACTARIS), Ancient Numid fortress, and city that prospered under the Roman Empire, full of sumptuous monuments very well preserved. Discovery of this beautiful site and road to Kairouan – Check in, Dinner and accommodation at the Hotel LA KASBAH 5* in Kairouan. 

Day 05 :Kairouan – Sbeitla – Gafsa – Tozeur                                              Breakfast at the Hotel and on to discover Kairouan, the holy city of North Africa and first founded Arab town in western region. Visit of the Great Mosque Jemaa Sidi Oqba, one of the oldest places of prayer of Islam, the basin of the Aghlabites, the mosque and madrasas of the Barbier, built around the burial of a companion of the prophet, a pure masterpiece of Arab art.  Walk through the old town and the souks to discover its magnificent craftsmanship.Route To SBEITLA – Free Lunch. Visit of the impressive and magnificent site of Sbeitla, the Roman City with its monumental gate and its three temples that were probably dedicated to the capitoline triad. Continuation on Tozeur via Gafsa. Check in at the Golden Yasmin Ras El Ain 4* hotel in Tozeur or similar -Dinner and accommodation.

Day 06 : Tozeur – Nefta – Day Bike tour of Tozeur oasis included                    Breakfast at your hotel, and departure for a sporting discovery of Tozeur, the pearl of Djerid. Escape, Ride, Pedal, to live privileged moments in harmony with nature, skin caressed by the heat of the sun and the freshness of the oases- Equipped with your bikes, and accompanied by your guide, you will go towards Tozeur Oasis, riding under palm trees, crossing small Oueds ( easy level) and the inextricable labyrinths of the oasis- You will go along Chott and oases, an impressive landscape between the green of palm trees and the mirage of the chott… – Back to your hotel & free lunch – PM: departure to discover Tozeur Medina, its small alleys forming a real labyrinth, whose typical sand-coloured constructions will surely charm you – On to Nefta, religious city of Djerid, and the most beautiful Oasis of the whole region- Visit of its oasis, called La Corbeille – The overview rom Zawiya Qadriya, the influential centre of Sufism, will remind you that Nefta is the second religious centre in Tunisia after Kairouan. – Visit and back to your Hotel – Dinner and overnight

Jour 07 : Mountain Oases – Ong El Djemal                                                                Breakfast at your hotel and departure in fully air-conditioned 4×4 vehicle to discover the exceptional mountain Oases: Chebika, Tamerza, Midès, a real suspended paradise, become for years, favourite place of the greatest filmmakers! Visit of Chébika: The encircled village, made famous by the book of the sociologist Jean Duvignaud and the film of Bertucelli- Discovery of Midès: Small oasis whose village seems suspended above the deep gorges, which surround it on three sides… A trek of 01H30 will be offered to you, in the magical setting of Mides Canyon to soak up the magnificent landscapes . Visit of Tamerza waterfalls, its palm grove and its abandoned old village. Lunch in Tamerza and on to discover the magnificent dunes of Ong El Djemal; and the setting of the famous movie “Star Wars”. Free time to appreciate the beauty of this magnificent place. Back to Tozeur – Dinner and accommodation

Jour 08 : Tozeur – Chott el Djerid – Douz – Méharée                              Breakfast at the hotel –Check out and departure to Douz, by Crossing Chott El Djerid-Stop at the village of Bechri-Fatnassa, to admire the striking spectacle of its petrified dunes, and on to Douz, «The Sahara Gate».  Visit of the city and its local market, as well as its famous Palm groove.                                                                                                  11h00: transfer by 4×4 vehicle to the starting point of the trek in the Grand Erg Oriental. Meeting with our local guide and cameleers in the middle of the dunes – Welcome and Presentations, 01 camel / pax – Mineral water at disposal. After the explanations on the safety and handling of your new companions, the caravan will move- About 03H00 of camel ride / walk in the desert. You will enter a world of silence and serenity-Dunes as far as the eye can see: You are at the gateway to the world’s largest desert, a Sahara covering more than 8 million km …. Feet in the sand or on the back of your dromedaries, you will go to discover a world of silence and serenity, herbs and scrub will disappear to give way to this sea of sand, with sensual curves. Picnic lunch in the desert: will be a privileged moment of exchange and rest. Always by a lost track, in the middle of the dunes, you will sink even more in this magical universe! he afternoon will be dedicated to the control of your camels, in a landscape of dunes. Your crossing will lead you to your camp, which is built in the hollow of 02 dunes, in the middle of the desert. Welcome, check in in your tents and free time to relax, and appreciate this landscape of dunes- Dinner prepared on site by the cameleers, accompanied by the traditional Saharan bread baked in embers and buried in the sand. Saharian evening around a palm fire, during which you will exchange your experience after this first incursion into the desert Night under tents (beds, mattresses, sheets and blankets), in total autonomy, under a sparkling sky, will forever remain engraved in your memory!…

Jour 09  : Douz – Matmata – Tamezret                                                                        The first rays of sunlight emerging on the crests of the dunes, will wake you slowly- Breakfast at the Camp & Back to Douz and to Civilization. Continuation to Matmata, the star of southern Tunisia, and place where the Berber population left the ground for the basement. Built on a mountainside, this splendid Berber village will offer you its lunar landscape, which the filmmaker STEVEN SPEILBERG exploited to make his famous films» Star War» and «the adventurers of the lost arch». Visit and Lunch at the Inhabitant, in a real Troglodyte House . Drive to TAMAZTRET – Visit of this picturesque Berber village, among the very few still inhabited in Tunisia – This village in the shape of a labyrinth, is built on a hill culminating at 460 meters above sea level. At its top you will discover a mosque and a Moorish café. visit of Tamezret Museum: visit made by Mongi the owner of the museum, who through his stories, will know how to transport you to another dimension!! heck in in the atypical decor of the Aunerge de Tamezret: rooms dug in the mountain, simple and comfortable, with surprising charm. Welcome by Patrick & Sabrine, the Masters. Dinner with local products and overnight –

Jour 10 : Tamezret – Ksar Hedada – Duiret –Chenini                                              Breakfast at the Auberge de Tamezret and check out. Day dedicated to the discovery of Ksar Ouled Debbab , Ksar Ouled Soltane, Guermassa , Duiret & Chenini: Extraordinary Berber villages of rare beauty . Free lunch – Check in in the authentic setting of the Kenza Relay in Chenini. Accommodation in caves with a sunny terrace. All rooms have a private bathroom. Dinner and accommodation.

Jour 11 : Chenini – Tataouine – Medenine – Djerba                                              Breakfast and departure for a guided tour of Duiret which seems embedded in a stone circus like Loth’s wife. Drive to Tataouine, where the famous Bat’ d’Af’ were sent to penance to break the stones!!! Continue on Djerba via Medenine – visit of its magnificent and perfectly preserved Ghorfas – Free lunch along the way . Arrival to Djerba, Check in in your hotel – Dinner and night-

Jour 12 : Djerba                                                                                                                    Breakfast at your hotel or guest house- Accompanied by your guide, you will discover Djerba, the island of Lotophages, sung by Homer in his Odyssey, its treasures never unveiled, and its stories never told …. Visit of El Hara Sghira, the Jewish quarter of Djerba, where stands the building of «LA GHRIBA», one of the oldest synagogues in the world- You will admire the DJERBAHOOD: beautiful graphs in the Erriadh district, created by a hundred guest artists from all over the world to honour Djerba (STREET ART). On to Guellela, a small village with generations of potters – Visit of its picturesque Museum- Stop at a traditional pottery workshop – Free lunch during the visits -Back to your hotel – Dinner and accommodation-

Jour 13 : Djerba – El Jem – Sousse                                                                                 Breakfast at your hotel or guest house, and departure to Sfax via Gabès. Panoramic Tour of Sfax and visit of its beautiful Medina – Free lunch in Sfax – On El Jem, ancient Roman city of Thysdrus, one of the richest cities of Roman Tunisia thanks to the cultivation of olive trees and the oil trade.  Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, its massive Amphitheatre is the most impressive Roman monument after the Colosseum of Rome and Capua. Visit and Route to Sousse – Installation at your Hotel Dinner and overnight-

Jour 14 : Sousse  – Tunis                                                                                                    Breakfast at your hotel, and departure to discover Sousse, the pearl of the Sahel – visit to the Ribat, one of the most venerable monuments of Maghrebin Islam- Visit of the superb museum of Sousse. Free lunch and visit of Port el Kantaoui. Route to Tunis – Check in at your Hotel–Dinner and Overnight-

Jour 15  : Départ                                                                                                                  Breakfast at your Hotel . Transfer to Tunis airport according to your flight departure.  Assistance upon departure.

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