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– Day 1 – Origin / Natal

Departure to Natal. Reception at the airport and transfer to the chosen hotel.

Suggestion for the night:

Camarões Restaurant. This is currently considered one of the best seafood restaurants in northeastern Brazil.

– Day 2 – Natal – São Miguel do Gostoso

Departure from Natal in the morning, we will continue for about 1 hour on the road until Muriú, where we will start the tour along the beaches of the coast. We will pass by Barra de Maxaranguape, where an artisanal ferry will cross this river. After the crossing, we continue to Cabo de São Roque and Ponta Gorda. In Cabo de São Roque, we will see the “Tree of Love” with its formation influenced by the constant action of the winds. There’s a legend that says that couples who pass through this tree never separate. We will also have the view of Cabo de São Roque, one of the most eastern points of the Brazilian coast, with the closest proximity to the African continent. We will climb the Dunes of Ponta Gorda, where we will have a natural viewpoint, where we can admire a cove of unique beauty, with a wild beach full of immense coconut trees. Descending the Ponta Gorda dune, we will cross this stretch of beach to the other side, where it will be necessary to climb a steep dune to continue the journey. Traveling over the dunes, it is possible to repair the present vegetation, characteristic of restingas, with thicker leaves and low bushes. Many coconut trees are also part of the impressive view of this point on our coast. At this point, due to natural geographic barriers, we will take a small stretch of asphalt and dirt roads. A little further on, we will return to the beach, this time in Caraúbas. This is a pleasant and peaceful fishing village, which during vacations, becomes a small town very busy for vacationers. We will continue along the beach until we enter the Maracajaú region. In this stretch, the beaches are much flatter and with no evidence of vegetation in the post-beach area, only extensive dunes are found. We will pass by another large stretch of beaches, among which we can highlight, Pititinga, Zumbi and Perobas, where the first large cliffs are already visible. In Perobas, in the middle of so many coconut trees, one specially laid out is an invitation to a “Caribbean” photograph. We will continue up the coast, now towards Touros. Touros is a very beautiful and charming small town, full of cultural and historical attractions, such as the cannons left by the Portuguese Crown that never fired a single shot. The Church and the Museum of Sacred Art are some more attractions of relevant interest. We will arrive at the Lighthouse of Bulls, extremely important for navigation, as it indicates the “Corner of the American Continent”.”. We will have a view of Ponta do Calcanhar (where the continent literally curves, no longer facing east and now facing north). We will visit the BR-101 Ground Zero, also in Touros. There begins this important federal highway, which only ends in Torres, in Rio Grande do Sul. Important presence of fishermen colonies with dozens of rafts in the sea and many huts in the sand. In Lagoa do Sal, after leaving the beach, we can admire a very high and beautiful dune on the left side and, after the dune, a very extensive lagoon , which gave its name to the beach. We will follow the road for a few more meters until we enter the beach again, following Enseada dos Amores and São José, until Ponta do Santo Cristo. This region of Ponta do Santo Cristo is currently considered one of the best points for practicing nautical sports with wind (Wind Surf, Kite Surf). Practitioners from all over the world, look for in this cove, the ideal conditions of wind and calm waters, to improve their techniques. It is very common to share a space in the sand with people of different nationalities. Finally, we arrived at São Miguel do Gostoso. We suggest that you have lunch at the Pousada dos Ponteiros Restaurant specialized in seafood. Accommodation in São Miguel do Gostoso. Have a bath in the sea and wait for the sunset. At this time, the scenery formed by the colors of the sky brings a feeling of awe and contentment, because we know we are in a special place. At night, we suggest you meet Madame Xita. The decor is simple, rustic and very charming.

– Day 3 – São Miguel do Gostoso

Free day for independent activities.


Urca do Tubarão Restaurant – Owned by a retired university professor, you can enjoy excellent dishes listening to different stories. This restaurant is also a museum of relics where antique furniture and many classic Brazilian music records are on display. It is also an artisanal cachaça factory. Once again, enjoying the sunset on the beaches of São Miguel is, undeniably, an unmissable program to end another special day and recharge your energy. At night, a good option is to try the Mexican dishes served on the beachfront, at the Jardim do Seridó restaurant.

– Day 4 – São Miguel do Gostoso

Free day for independent activities.

– Day 5 – São Miguel do Gostoso – Galinhos in buggy

We will leave São Miguel in a buggy, at the time indicated by the driver of the trip, as it is necessary to respect the tide schedule so that we can have a better use of the route, not compromising the safety of the tour. We will continue along Praia da Xepa towards Tourinhos. It will be possible to witness the drastic change that is already starting to take place in the type of beach. The stretch covered until we reach Tourinhos is a rocky beach, without sand, with dry and low vegetation, full of cacti. A little further on, you will be able to enjoy a fantastic view of what is called the Natural Viewpoint of Tourinhos. Take the opportunity to take lots of pictures. But be careful, don’t waste too much time and listen to the vehicle driver’s instructions, a longer stop can compromise the visit at other points. Going along the Praia de 

Tourinhos, we will see the “Suspiro da Baleia”. It is a rock by the sea that, when hit by the waves, sends a jet of water upwards through a crack, reminiscent of a whale’s burrif. Continuing the journey, we will have another stretch of coastline until we reach Praia do Marco. In this beach, Portuguese settlers placed a stone with the symbol of the Portuguese Crown, making it clear to all who might try to invade Brazil that this new continent already had an owner. This monument is called the “Marco do Descobrimento”. Returning to the route, we will continue this time to Ponta dos Três Irmãos. With the ideal tide, it will be possible to pass along the beach and see the rock formations that surround this rich strip of sand from below. If the tide does not allow it, going over it is equally impressive, as we will have a beautiful lookout that gives us the real dimension of the immensity of this very rocky beach. A little further on will be Caiçara do Norte. This beach is nowadays one of the most important colonies of fishermen in the State of Rio Grande do Norte. A hundred rafts and fishing boats are parked in front of the beach, waiting for the ideal fishing time. We will continue along the beach until we enter the Dunas de Galos. It is no exaggeration to compare Dunas de Galos to a small sample of Lençóis Maranhenses. In the rainy months, even lakes form between the sandy cliffs. We will pass through the Dunas do Capim, having a view of the inlet that extends into the sandbank. The view of Ilha das Cabras, in the middle of the inlet, is also very beautiful. Arrival and accommodation in Galinhos. For lunch, we suggest that you taste good dishes at Pousada Chalé Oásis. With seafood always fresh and well-prepared, every option on the menu is welcome. Being owned by a Portuguese woman, the cuisine of her homeland is also very well represented on the menu. Good options will not be lacking. Tip for the night: have a drink and enjoy good snacks at Pousada Bresil Aventure – oceanfront: just be careful not to get wet when the waves hit the beach.

– Day 6 – Galinhos – Boat trip to the Salinas and Duna do Capim in Galinhos

After breakfast, departure by boat to Dunas do Capim. Departing from the pier de Galos, this tour runs along the inner side of the peninsula, known as the inlet of the sea. Navigating these calm and sheltered waters, the disembarkation is made at a dune point known as Duna do Capim, due to its thin vegetation on the sand. After a walk through the dune, at this moment we will be able to observe from the top of the dune the white and blue herons, the crabs that run in the mud and show how much this region is preserved. Soon we will have our lunch consisting of freshly picked oysters freshly picked with salt and olive oil are served on a tray at your first gastronomic stop, which can be in the mangrove or on the edge of a dune, our boatman will prepare lunch on a stove that he bring it on your boat. First, however, he prepares a ceviche that can be made with marlin, mackerel or whiting.

Tip: Dinner – Pousada Chalé Oásis Restaurant, in the midst of a special decoration made with lots of colors and light, is also an interesting option, with the charm and refinement that this space offers.

– Day 7 – Chickens

Free morning for independent activities.

– Day 8 – Galinhos – Natal / Origin

At a time to be agreed, we will leave Galinhos for Natal Airport for departure to the city of origin.

São Miguel do Gostoso and Galinhos

The trip starts in Natal with a bit of adventure going through dunes, cliffs and deserted beaches full of coconut trees until arriving in São Miguel do Gostoso. There, the colors of kite and windsurf kites that fill the sea make the village even more charming. Most of the beaches are still frequented exclusively by fishermen and their white rafts and, more recently, by modern sailors who arrive attracted by the winds, forts and the exuberant nature of the coves.

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