Rainbow Village (5)Rainbow Village (5)

08:00  Meet your tour guide at MRT Zhongxiao Xinsheng Station (BL14 /O07), Exit 2

10:00-11:30  Chung-she Flower Garden

Our first destination will be Chung-she Flower Garden, here you can see colorful flower fields with some decoration on each field for you to take pictures, or just simply sit in the middle and become one of the beautiful flowers.

12:00-12:30  Rainbow Village

The colorful show will continue with Rainbow Village, a former military dependents’ village that is colorfully painted in every corner by a veteran—Huang Yung Fu, also known as “Rainbow Grandpa”. If you’re a photographer, or simply just love to take photo, this place will be your paradise.

13:00-14:00  Miyahara

After being amazed by those colorful destinations, we won’t let your eyes rest in the next place, but this time, you can take the chance and taste as well by enjoying delicious drinks and pastries in Miyahara. Originally an ophthalmology clinic, now a restaurant and retail store, Miyahara is famous for its vintage decoration and a variety of sweets. You can feel like you’re in a bookstore in Europe or a magic store if you’re into Harry Potter magical world.

14:30-15:00  National Taichung Theater (photo stop)

On the way to our last destination, we will have a brief stop for group photo at National Taichung Theater. This theater is an opera house designed by the famous Japanese architecture “Toyo Ito”.  It is referred as one of the most difficult
to build because of the curved surfaces. Don’t miss the chance to enjoy a close-up view of the masterpiece, and the graceful and mysterious ambience created by the master.

15:30-16:30  Gaomei Wetland

And finally to the Gaomei Wetland, where you can see and walk under the line of those giant windmills by the wide long beach, create an endless view in the far horizon.

18:40  Drop off at Ximending Commercial District

After the long fun and tiring day you will be heading back Taipei, where you can choose to disembark at Ximending Commercial District or MRT Zhongxiao Xinsheng Station.

19:00  Drop off at MRT Zhongxiao Xinsheng Station
(BL14 /O07)

Taichung Instagram Day Tour from Taipei

  • Immerse yourself in the colorful Chung-she Flower Garden
  • Be inspired by the imaginative paints of Rainbow Village
  • Explore the unique ophthalmology clinic—Miyahara
  • Have a visual feast at National Taichung Theater
  • Enjoy the tranquility and shining sunset at Gaomei Wetland

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