06:00  Pick up from hotel in Taipei

Meet your tour guide in the early morning, and then enjoy a
cozy ride to Hualien. Just sit back and enjoy the beautiful view from the

 08:30-08:50  TCC DAKA Park

Before arriving at Taroko Gorge, take a break at TCC DAKA
Park, an ecological recycling factory and also an Instagram hotspot. Don’t miss
the chance to take a closer look at the Smart Flower installations.

 09:20  The Archway of Taroko Gorge (marble gorge)

From the archway entry to Tianxiang, this 12.5-mile (20-km)
section of Central Cross-Island Highway winding through the steep marble cliffs
and tunnels of the gorge will take your breath away.

 09:30-10:30  Shakadang Trail

First, take a walk along Shakadang Trail, where the crystal
clear blue water of Liwu River is running beside you. This river has cut
through the marble over millions of years, and created the deep, narrow gorge.

 10:50-11:20  Swallow Grotto

Walk through the tunnels of Swallow Grotto, where you will
enjoy a stunning view of the cliffs reaching up to the sky. The potholes on the
cliff surface were created by the ground water and the rapid stream of the
river. In the past, they were the natural nesting location of swallows; hence
it got the name Swallow Grotto.

 11:30-11:40  Cihmu Bridge

After that, stop by Cihmu Bridge (Motherly Devotion Bridge),
an H-Shape hanging bridge built of marble and named by Late President Chiang
Jing-guo, for a heart-touching story about a loving mother.

 11:45-11:55  Tianxiang

Before lunch, take a short break at Tianxiang, a large river
terrace recreational area where the Youth Activity Center, a Catholic Church
and the only 5-star hotel in the park are located nearby. This area features
spectacular river landscapes, such as meanders and potholes that make Tianxiang
the most picturesque place for dinning and lodge.

 12:10-13:10  Lunch

Today, lunch will be arranged in a restaurant in the park.

 13:20-14:00  Tunnel of Nine Turns

After lunch, hold your breath, because this nature’s
masterpiece will take your breath away. Tunnel of Nine Turns is considered the
most scenic section of Taroko Gorge, which has reopened in 2019 after years of
repair work. Along the trail, you can see the meander running through the deep
and spectacular canyons from high above. Also, you can have a closer look at
the faults and folds of the sheer marble cliffs, as well as the vegetation on
the walls.

 14:20-14:40  Eternal Spring Shrine

Next, you will visit Eternal Spring Shrine, which
commemorates the 225 personnel (military veterans) who died during the
construction of the Central Cross-Island Highway.

 15:00-15:25  Qingshui Cliff

Before heading back to Taipei, end your tour with another
visual feast. The amazing Qingshui Cliff is one of the island’s “Eight
Wonders”. The soaring cliffs stretch for 21 kilometers, which visitors can
enjoy a sweeping view from the viewing platform.

 16:50-17:10  Su’ao Service Area

On the way back to Taipei, take a break at Su’ao Service
Area, where you can get a bite and local snacks. Your 13-hour adventure ends
with drop-off at Taipei Main Station.

19:00  Drop off at Taipei Main Station

Taroko Gorge Day Tour from Taipei by Car

  • Discover the wonders of Taroko Gorge
  • Marvel at the stunning view of the soaring marble cliffs
  • Enjoy a scenic ride along the Northeast and East Coast
  • Take Instagramble photos at TCC DAKA Park
  • Enjoy a spectacular sweeping view of Qingshui Cliff

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