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Breakfast. At the agreed time, we will leave Mexico City to immerse our selves in the magic that awaits us in the state of Michoacán. November 1st, is very important throughout Mexico, however the most beautiful of the scenarios can be found on the Island of Janitzio. A Purepecha legend says that when souls die they fly like monarch butterflies over an enchanted lake to the Island of Janitzio and it is only necessary to open the heart so that when crossing by boat, in the lake the souls can be drawn among the water of the lake from Pátzcuaro, the island is lit with candles and altars of the dead. These altars are raised over the tombs and in them we can observe the very essence of our deceased, as it contains, among other things, photographs of our family member, so that he knows what his offering is and upon his return to the
World of the Living, he’ll be able to approach to taste the delicious dishes that
fascinated him in life, we are the ones who put his favorite foods, as well as objects that they used or that characterized them. Back to the hotel.

Breakfast. We will start our day visiting the Moreliacity, one of the most beautiful and important tourist destinations in Mexico for its invaluable cultural and historical heritage. It is considered the ideological cradle of the Independence Movement and is home to well-known international music and film festivals, we will also enjoy getting to know one of the oldest trades in Mexico, the work of Chopped paper. We will attend an Artisan Workshop to learn about the history and process of making this utensil that allows us to capture all kinds of figures, we will have the opportunity to make our own chopped paper and take it with us to home for a memory of Mexico. We will also visit a laudero workshop to learn about this work and find out where the guitar you hear crying comes from. Return to the hotel and accommodation.

Breakfast. At the agreed time, we will leave Morelia to reach Guadalajara. After settling into our hotel and taking a short break along the way, we are going to visit the Theme Park that has caused a stir all over the world: Calaverandia. We will be able to visit more than 20 attractions, an endless number of offerings, altars and shows that represent the ancient traditions of the Day of the Dead. We can enjoy of a neon area, a cemetery, characterized characters and even a trajinera ride. After filling ourselves with the great magic that Calaverandia provides, we will return to sleep at our hotel.

Breakfast. This day we will take our visit to Tequila, we will visit the Mundo Cuervo Tequila distillery, Jalisco, where we can learn about the production process, as well as taste some of their tequilas; white and relaxed, and then visit the magical town of Tequila where our traveler can enjoy the main attractions such as the rich gastronomy of the Town or make some souvenir purchases and take a nice detail of Tequila. We will proceed to a tour that includes a panoramic visit of the main avenues of the city, upon reaching the historic center of the city; we will begin the walking tour of the main monuments. Finish the tour in the beautiful artisan village of Tlaquepaque. Throughout the journey, we will be able to appreciate the way in which the people of Guadalajara commemorate their deceased relatives.

Breakfast. We will continue to Guanajuato, capital of the state, we will walk
through its alleys and historic streets. We will arrive at the Plaza del Ropero where we will find the statue of Jorge Negrete, a Mexican singer who has served as inspiration for many international films. Return to the hotel and accommodation. At night we can enjoy a show through the most important alleys of the city of Guanajuato, which are accompanied by a little orquest, the group performs dances, songs and other demonstrations of talent that allow us to become infected with the magic of the city.

Breakfast. At the agreed time, we will leave the Mexican Bajío to return to Mexico City, but on the way we will visit the magical town of Dolores Hidalgo, cradle of the independence of Mexico but even more important for us, the place where the remains of Jose Alfredo Jimenez are, an icon in Mexican ranchera music. We will visit the Pantheon of Dolores to appreciate the mausoleum where, year after year, homage is paid to the interpreter of “Let the Moon rise”. We will continue our journey to Mexico City, arrival at the hotel and accommodation.

Breakfast. Our adventure has come to the end and our ancestors have already returned to the Kingdom of the Dead, it is time to let them rest and remember them, prepare the offering for the following year, save their photos and miss them every day. They are happy, at peace and they do not want us to shed a tear of sadness, they have had to migrate, but at some point, we will be with them and we will meet again. Life is temporary, but families are eternal. It is time to catch our flight home and return with a smile on our face. 

NOTE: The day of operation of the tours may vary. 


The day of the dead is celebrated on November 1st and 2nd, in this mexican tradition the dead are honored and is commemorated the temporary return of family and loved
ones to the living people land.

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