Day 01: Tunis                                                                                                                        Arrival to Tunis -Welcome by our team, assistance and transfer to your hotel.
Installing, dinner and Overnight in Tunis

Day 02: Tunis- Carthage – Sidi Bou Said 
Breakfast at your Hotel and departure to visit the superb Bardo Museum , famous for its impressive and finest collection of mosaics. Housed in a Turkish bey’s Palace, the unique Bardo Museum is showing off its impressive and finest Roman Mosaics. Collections, lively witness of the various civilisations that have flourished on the Tunisian Soil, include Punic vestiges and an impressive array of Roman mosaics . On to discover the magnificent Tunis Medina, subject to a major UNESCO protection and conservation plan. The Medina remains an authentic entity at the heart of which stands the Zitouna Mosque, which is deemed as one of the most prestigious and well-regarded intellectual centers in the Maghreb. You will enjoy walking around its typical Oriental souks, admiring the brightly coloured carpets, the pure wool blankets, the magnificent Jewellery in Gold & silver, the small pieces of typical furniture carved out of palm and olive tree wood….. The « musts » on any Medina visit are: «Dar Ben ABDALLAH» (18th-19th century), «Ez-Zitouna Mosque» which harbours the first University in the Arab World-
Free Lunch in the Medina, where you will have the opportunity to taste a Tunisian Typical menu. Departure to visit of the famous Carthage …….
Founded by the Phoenician ELYSSA DIDON in the IXth century B.C, CARTHAGE can still show off its splendid Antonine Spas, its  Amphitheatre, its theatre, its Punic Port and Roman villas. Visit and on to Sidi Bou Said, a splendid Moorish village, perched on its headland and wreathed in flowers…Relaxation at the famous “ Café des Nattes” where you can enjoy our unique peppermint tea…
Back to your Hotel – Dinner & accommodation.

Day 03: Thuburbo Majus- Dougga- El Kef
Breakfast at your Hotel and departure to Thuburbo Majus, , originally a Berber village rebuilt and extended by the Romans. Visit of its imposing ruins including the Capitol, the portico of Petronï, Temples, Roman Baths, sumptuous dwellings dating from the 2nd century and some of the finest specimens of mosaics to be found in all Tunisia. Continuation to Dougga, one of the most evocative archaeological sites in Tunisia…
Overlooking the rich plains of the MEDJERDA, Dougga will offer you its famous theatre built up in twenty-five tiers with a row of columns along the stage, its capitol, thought to be one of the loveliest of its kind with its fine portico and pediment; the temple of Coelestis nestling in an aged old olive grove,  the temple of Saturn, the Punico-lybian Mausoleum with its Hellenistic decoration. On to El Kef. Free Lunch on the Way – Dinner and Overnight in El Kef.

Day 04: Bulla Regia – Chemtou – El Kef
Breakfast at your Hotel and departure to Bulla Regia, famous for its public thermal baths of Julia Memmia and its wonderful Roman houses, with underground facilities, where inhabitants used to go enjoy the freshness of a unique set. On to Chemtou, Simitthus, an important Nomadic then Roman site. We could locate a mountain of marble along, with remarkable quarries from which the term “Nomadic” or “yellow antique” was derived to refer to marble. An enticing theater, Roman bridge on the Bragrada, antique mills and a brand new museum on the foundation of this marble. Back to El Kef, pledged to be bishopric in 256, is the homeland of an excellent school of rhetoric. It was always visited by Saint Augustin, who will contribute to the development of the local cloistered lifestyle. Overshadowed by the Kasbah with its remarkable height, the historical traces of the ancient city got familiarized with paleo Christian ruins, and Islamic monuments.
Free Lunch on the Way – Dinner and Overnight in El Kef.

Day 05: El Kef- Makthar – Sbeitla – Kairouan
Breakfast at your Hotel and departure to Makthar, which used to be once a Nomadic fortress, dominated the movement of Nomadic people and watching entries from the agricultural zone. Visit and on to Sbeitla, the ancient SUFETULA, founded under Vespasian (69 – 79 AD), whose remains extend over a vast grassy plateau, burn in the fires of the sunset. You will have the opportunity to admire :
-The entrance to the city marked by the majestic triumphal arch of Diocletian
-The three magnificent temples of majestic aspects, dedicated to the three deities of the capitol: Jupiter, Juno and Minerva.
-The forum
Free Lunch on the Way. On to Kairouan, first Islamic city in North Africa
Chek in, Dinner and Overnight at THE KASBAH Hotel 5* in Kairaoun

Day 06 :  Kairaoun – El Djem – Sousse
Breakfast at your Hotel and departure to discover Kairouan, the holy city of North Africa and first founded Arab town in western region. Founded in 671 by OKBA IBN NAFAA, Kairouan had become , by the 9th Century, a flourishing capital, housing stately monuments. You can visit the largest and oldest Mosque of Sidi Okba ibn Nafii, the mosque of the barber sidi Sahbi, the water reservoir of the Aghlabide dynasty and the authentic traditional Kairouan carpet manufacturing. Free Lunch on the Way. On to el Djem, ancient Roman city of Thysdrus. Its Amphitheater is the most famous and remarkable Roman monument in North Africa, third in the world. Arrival to Sousse.
Check in, Dinner and Overnight in your Hotel in Sousse.

Day 07 : Sousse- Tunis
Breakfast at your Hotel and departure to discover Sousse, the ancient Hadrumete.
Visit of the beautiful Medina and the superb Museum of Sousse – Founded in 1951, it occupies a part of the ancient kasbah, and includes an important collection of Roman mosaics – Free time in Port El Kantaoui –
Free Lunch during the visits – Dinner and Overnight in Sousse.

Day 08:  Departure
Breakfast at your hotel before leaving for the Airport, or transfer to your hotel of stay.
Assistance upon departure.

Tunisia Archaeological Tour

Tunisia is a country with an incomparable cultural richness. Many Tunisian sites are inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Various historical influences have left a strong mark on it. This Tour was designed to allow you to meet Tunisia’s ancient cities, where mosques rub shoulders with ancient temples! A country with 3.000 years of history, and endowed with vestiges whose beauty is breathtaking!

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