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– Day 1 – Origin / Palmas

Boarding to Palmas. Airport reception and transfer to the accommodation in Palmas.

– Day 2 – Palmas – Natividade

We will depart towards Serras Gerais. Our first stop will be at Lagoa do Japonês, with its crystal clear waters in shades of blue. Time for a bath. We’ll have a typical meal at Dona Almerinda’s house for lunch. Then we we will move to Natividade, the starting point for the experience of history and Tocantins traditions. Its colonial architecture, religious festivals and gastronomy reveal its saga that begins in the gold cycle, around 1734. By foot, we will visit the historic center of the city, listed by the Institute of  National Historical and Artistic Heritage (IPHAN). Highlight for the ruins of secular Church of Nossa Senhora do Rosário dos Pretos, built by slaves in the eighteenth century. The typical culinary of the region with a flavor of fruits from the Cerrado includes paçoca, cakes, sweets and liqueurs, in addition to the famous “amor perfeito” cookie. Accommodation, dinner included.

– Day 3 – Natividade – Dianópolis

The first attraction of the day will show us all the intriguing geomorphology of Serras Gerais: we will enter the Vale Encantado with its limestone walls, forests and an ecotone, a transition of the 3 main biomes with specimens from the cerrado, caatinga and Amazon, in addition to its beautiful and curious speleothems. We will also cross natural obstacles to discover a reverse waterfall (Cachoeira da Ré). A walk of approximately 3.8 km on a circuit single-pass oval. On this day we will have a reinforced snack, instead of having lunch, besides Lagoa Bonita, a spring of translucent waters. Then continue the route to enjoy the sunset at Fortaleza dos

Guardiões. On the one hand the water resources that flow into the Tocantins-Araguaia Hydrographic Basin and the other to the Hydrographic Basin of the São Francisco River. After sunset we will continue to Dianópolis for dinner and overnight.

– Day 4 – Dianópolis – Ponte Alta

We will leave to visit the Canion Encantado, but before that we will stop to know the Vale dos Pássaros (Valley of Birds) and its friendly residents, D. Antonia and Mr. Davi, a couple who have a fantastic life story. After a refreshing bath at the Cachoeira da Cortina, we will enjoy a delicious homemade food. After a short rest, we will go to Canion Encantado Viewpoint. Then we will leave to Cidade de Pedras, a rocky  formation of hills, with stop to see Cachoeira dos Pelados. There will be 4.5 km of  trails accumulated throughout the day. We will continue to Ponte Alta with estimated arrival at 20h. Accommodation and dinner.

– Day 5 – Ponte Alta – São Félix

We will depart for Jalapão Ecolodge, but first stop at Poço Azul and lunch at Parque Encantado, where we will have the option of swimming at Poço Encantado or in the Cachoeira Encantada. In the late afternoon we will climb the Morro da Catedral, one of the postcards of Jalapão. Return for dinner and overnight in São Felix.

– Day 6 – São Félix

We will depart to visit crystal clear water wells, where it is impossible to sink, and whoever bathes there has the distinct sensation of being floating: Fervedouro do Alecrim and Bela Vista. We will then visit the community Quilombola do Prata and see the artisanal manufacturing process of rapadura with Mr. Juraci. Also in the community will be our lunch spot. After a brief rest we will leave for a rafting adventure for 12km, approximately 2h and class II downhill half on the Soninho river, adventure for the whole family, no need to know how to swim and not have previous experience with the activity. Return to São Felix for dinner and overnight.

– Day 7 – São Félix – Mateiros

We will continue towards Mateiros. On the way we will visit Fervedouro Buritizinho with stop for bathing in the Formiga river. Then, 4km walk through the Cerrado to Fervedouro Encontro das Águas. Time for a bath at the joint of the Formiga and Soninho rivers. Then we will have typical lunch with jalapoeira food in the Mumbuca Quilombola Community, home of golden grass. After a short rest, we will continue to the Formiga Waterfall, considered one of the most beautiful in Jalapão, with its emerald green waters. we will leave to the town of Mateiros for dinner and overnight.

– Day 8 – Foresters – Taquaruçu

We will start the day visiting the Dunas do Jalapão, a beautiful setting with its golden orange sands, surrounded by hills and paths. Right after visiting the dunes, we will  visit a small beach – Rio Novo – where we will be able to take a bath and have lunch at Sr. Adélio’s restaurant, in the Rio Novo community. After the rest we will continue to Pedra Furada, a huge carved sandstone stone by wind and rain. We will then leave for Taquaruçu with an estimated arrival at 8:00 pm. Dinner included. Accommodation and overnight.

– Day 9 – Taquaruçu / Origin

Transfer to Palmas airport for departure to the city of origin.

“The order of the tours does not it will be mandatory as described in the day-to-day itinerary, that is, it may be changed at the discretion of the local guide/reception.”

Exclusive Experience: General Enchantments of Jalapão – 9 Days / 8 Nights

If you want to see unique beauties and seek a deep interaction with Nature, Jalapão will fascinate you…and Prainha do Rio Novo – one of the purest rivers in the world.

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